Ambling into Autumn...

Afternoon All,

Because I’m English, I’ll start with the weather. If you’re in Dundee, I imagine you’re hiding inside in a feeble attempt to escape the creeping cold and the drizzly wet mist outside. That’s what Michael and I are doing anyway, although I’d like it known that I bravely went outside for a bit to deadhead and weed and I’m still not quite dry.

It’s been a pretty good couple of weeks here recently and a lot has been happening. Sessions are progressing as normal with lots of banter, obnoxious comments about my red trousers and a bit of gardening going on, but the weather is beginning to turn! Our greenhouses and polytunnel will soon be the hub of activity and, of course, the mess room will be covered in mud.

We’ve had a few lovely new faces join us – hello to Vaso, Fiona, Alison and Pat! You already feel like part of the furniture and we love having you here. Thanks for all you do. We’ve had a few other potentials poke their heads in the door and we hope that some of you will take the bold step of joining the DTG team too! There is free tea and veg so if you or anyone you know might like to volunteer then just bing us a message. Also, big thanks to Mystery Mike, our new bookkeeper for revolutionising our receipt input devices (plastic wallets) and doing all our numbers.

We’re sending all our healthy vibes to 3P, who will be having his operation soon. We’re thinking of you Hopalong and we hope to have you back soon in full fighting fettle!

In other exciting news, we’re getting a move on with our fence. We have some fantastic artists on board to create something beautiful and liven up the outside, so watch this space… Keep watching…

We have recently had some very snazzy CCTV stuff installed too so, if by some fluke, the person who keeps breaking our greenhouse windows sees this… We’re watching you! And we’re super annoyed!

Big thank you to Caroline at Dobbies for our smart new plaque – it looks very smart and official in our sensory garden, along with all the beautiful plants you donated. THANK YOU!

Anyway, as usual, it’s time for tea so laters potaters.

Photos to follow...

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