Apologies from Zisky

So, hands up, head hanging in shame, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. In my defence, I did start one and got at least halfway through, however, I was distracted by something (which I’m sure was extremely important and life-changing) and it got lost in the swirling mass of files that is my laptop. Thankfully, it looks like Fiona may have saved my bacon and written one in the meantime!

It’s been a very eventful and busy few weeks. We now have two partially built greenhouses which, although they don’t yet have glass in them, look brilliant. We are lucky enough to have some lovely lads from the Community Justice Team who are making a great job of it and will be back next week to add the glass!

Most importantly, we are now open to veterans. We have a fantastic group starting with us next week and we couldn’t ask for a better bunch. Keep an eye out for sparks above the pavilion when our Bootnecks (marines) and Paras meet! We’re really looking forward to getting to know our new vets and making the place feel more alive again.

We’ve just been given over £600 to spend in Dobbies Garden Centre and we’ve decided to blow it all on plants for our sensory garden. Thank you Dobbies! We’re going to buy loads of beautiful flowers for our bleak centre circle and it shall be bleak no more! Volunteer Annie and I will shop til we drop on Monday (photos to follow).

I’m sat in the office looking out at The Water King (Dale) watering the beds in the sunshine and itching to go outside and do something in the sun (I feel like I haven’t seen sun in years). So, on that note, I’ll draw a line and hand you over to Fiona who is going to tell you some very exciting stuff about our postbox and all the interesting things I’ve missed!

Laters Alligators!

Hi everyone, Fiona here

Yesterday, our lovely veteran from 3 Para installed our letterbox, huge thank you to Letterbox 4 U, now the postie can find us too. We would love to hear from you with any ideas or suggestions. 3 Para is not nearly as pretty as Zisky's flowers but he is handy! If anyone would like to volunteer, please go to the form on our Volunteers page by clicking on 3 Para's picture

3 Para installing our new letterbox

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