A Sense of Summer

This week, in the scorching sunshine, we started work on our sense sections; we are going to have four sections representing the senses; sound, taste, smell and touch. These are going to be situated in our triangle trellis sections surrounding the centre circle of our garden. Our veterans have started to visit regularly now and our garden is benefiting from all the rain following the recent heatwave.

We are delighted that we have been accepted on to the Green Token Scheme at Asda Myrekirk, Dundee West. The start date will be announced here and on our Facebook Page. So when you are doing your shopping in Asda Myrekirk, ask for a green token and put it in the box allocated to the Dundee Therapy Garden and we will receive funds from the Asda Foundation! Thank you all for your support, we couldn't do this without our lovely volunteers. Our clever computer expert Zsannett has also designed our new business cards, thank you so much!

#AsdaFoundation #senses #taste #touch #sound #smell #AsdaGreenTokenScheme

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