A Heartfelt Thanks from all of us at DTG

Today's Blog is all about thanks. You guys are all awesome. We are blown away by everyone's generosity and from the bottom of our heart - thank you.

First, a huge thank you to Alison Bell who has donated some fabulous gardening books and plants, it is just what we needed for our common room. Little things like this help to make our room a comfortable place where the vets and the volunteers can have fun.

To Alison and Alistair McGregor, we are enormously grateful for the donation of the potting shed - pictures to follow once we have reconstructed it! This time, it will stay up longer than three days.

To Danny at Homebase, thank you so much for the compost and plants, we are blown away by your generosity. You continue to be a real friend to us and we appreciate everything you do for us.

To Pete, a local resident who carried a tray of tomato and aubergine plants all the way from Dudhope Terrace - you rock! Please come back and see us soon.

To Yvanne and Janey at Asda - a huge thank you for your support, suggestions and offer to put us on the Green Token Scheme at both Milton and Myrekirk Stores respectively. We are really excited about working with Asda towards the official opening of our garden in the summer. More to follow.

To Dawn Maslouh at HMRC PT Operations, Scotland - WOW, just WOW! Dawn and her colleagues had a pop up shop and made a whopping £225 for the Dundee Therapy Garden. We will post photos of the cheque presentation when it happens. Our veterans are really touched by what you have done for them.

Last but definitely not least, thank you to one of our veterans, Alastair McLean who is designing and building an oriental garden complete with Bonsai. this is a unique talent, this is such a charming and welcome addition to our garden.

Oh and our Billy gave a gift to 3Para - if the cap fits..... 3Para gives thanks from the heart of his bottom

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