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Bumblebees and bunnies

Hello everybody!

It’s been ages since we blogged and I’m feeling sufficiently sheepish about it to come in out of the sunshine to write one.

Today is a shorts day – we have beautiful sunshine and loads of fluffy little white clouds fluffing about the sky. Michael, Meggan, Jimmy and George are all busy in the garden painting fences, cutting grass, fixing the community walking group’s mobile planters and generally enjoying the sun. I am working my way through a list of indoor jobs and then I will be frolicking with the rest of them.

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Helen at The Bumblebee Trust who spent the day with us and taught us all kinds of cool things about pollinators! The guys seemed to really enjoy themselves chasing bees around (and if they didn’t, I did) and miraculously, no one got stung. Helen, is now one of our best pals and we hope she will come back to teach us more in the near future. We talked about how important our pollinators are, we learnt that wasps DO have a function (they eat aphids, pollinate stuff etc), we learnt about all kinds of types of bee and MOST importantly, we learnt what plants to grow to encourage bees into our garden. We will soon bee overrun!

Yesterday’s session went well, we missed one of our guys who isn’t very well and we’re looking forward to him being better soon. It was great to see the other’s in though and we harvested millions of peas, sanded a bench and introduced Billy to the new love of his life – Mishka the Rabbit.

In other news, OUR GREENHOUSES ARE FINISHED. I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement about this and we send a massive thank you to Brian and the community service team for doing such a sterling job!

It’s all happening at once - this weekend, Michael and I will be in work helping Lutek and his band of merry men put up our polytunnel. Thanks guys!

I must also say a big thank you to all of the volunteers who pitched in to help for the three weeks I’ve been off on leave – You’re all amazing and we couldn’t do this without you.

Anyway, that’s me heading out into the rare sunshine. Laters Potaters!

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