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The return of the DWP!

I’m installed at my desk on yet another sunny day here at the garden watching our third team of volunteers from DWP sweat in the heat while painting our fence and weeding our paths. I feel very jammy indeed. They’re going to town on our most untamed, weedy and spiky part of the garden, sloshing paint all over themselves and the fence (mostly the fence), hunting for weeds and generally improving the state of the garden. So, MASSIVE thanks to Team 4 of the DWP for working so hard and for such a long time on our little haven. You are all brilliant.

It’s been a busy few weeks as always here. We’ve well and truly moved into our greenhouses and I keep offending Michaels sense of tidiness by spilling compost on the newly laid floors. He seems to be adjusting admirably to it though and he might even start doing it himself soon!

The sensory garden is blooming and brightens up the whole garden. If you stand anywhere near it, it feels like you’re in the middle of a swarm of bees, which is probably not that far off the truth. I think we may be single handedly feeding Dundee’s bee population and the whole area looks gorgeous. Well done to everyone who has worked so hard on it. It looks beautiful.

The poly tunnel is also up and almost running – the truth is, it’s generally too hot to spend much time in it at the moment, but we will begin work on making the floor and it will make a nice cosy hidey hole for the winter months.Our wonderful veterans have been sowing the odd packet of seeds, filling up beds with compost, planting out flowers and harvesting an endless supply of peas – one of them has even tasked himself with making pea soup! I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement – I love pea soup.

They’re a great bunch and their witty banter makes getting out of bed and coming to work a great experience – thank you veterans!

Anyway, I’ve run out of tea and Michael’s making a fresh pot. I’m off. Laters (Po)taters.

PS. We have cucumbers growing in the greenhouse. CUCUMBERS! Please pop down on a Friday to make admiring noises. See you then…

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