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Saturday Fun Day - Come Along to Dudhope!


It’s a miserable morning outside with mist clinging to our office window and damp that seems to be seeping into my bones, but our garden is still lovely and cheerful. I can just make out the flowers through the grey.

Firstly wanted to say thank you to Danny and John at Homebase for surprising us with a lovely new storage whatsit for our garden. We're so lucky to have your support!

Yesterday we had a great session with the exception of missing a couple of our guys who were off. We are really excited to welcome a new veteran into our fold, who seemed to fit right in immediately and went off yesterday in his snazzy new green fleece. Huge welcome to him and we’re chuffed to have him here.

Yesterday we were also lucky enough to have Helen from The Bumblebee Trust back with us. We learnt all sorts of things about our pollinators, most notably that some flies masquerade as bumblebees, honey bees do a dance to tell each other where there’s a decent source of food and that you shouldn’t hit wasp nests with mallets – yeah I’m looking at you Andrew.

We have two new weekend volunteers who are willing to come along and water, weed and generally help out at weekends all on their billy tod! Thank you so much Allison and Pat – we’re lucky to have you. All of our volunteers continue to be a constant source of kindness, patience, fun and warmth and we are so lucky to have them. Thanks volunteers!

On Friday, we’re going for a volunteer outing to the Maxwell Centre up on Carnegie Street to learn about polytunnels! We’re really excited to meet the team and look forward to swatting up on our horticulture knowledge base.

On Saturday, there is the Dudhope Park Fun Day! Michael and myself will be here on site to welcome anyone attending onto our site and show them around. I believe there will be stalls in the park and generally exciting things to see and do, not least our garden! Hope to see you all there.

Laters potaters!

P.s Photos to follow....

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