Winter is coming...

November 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone. It’s blimmin’ parky up here innit? This time three weeks ago we were sitting in t-shirts in the polytunnel and now we’re all sporting snazzy hats and quilted jackets thanks to our anonymous friend from the military. Whether they will be enough to keep us functioning in the dark depths of a Scottish winter remains to be seen…


It’s been a really busy few weeks here at the garden – hence the lateness of this blog, sorry – my bad. We have a number of new veterans coming to join our tribe and some new volunteers too. Welcome to Kev, Karen and Liam. We’re really excited to have you all with us!


Last Saturday we held a small Remembrance service here at the garden. It can be difficult for some of our guys to get to one of the big church services and it’s generally nice to be with a bunch of people you know and who care about each other. The service was led by Gordon Sharp of Dundee West and was a very poignant and moving ceremony so we’re really grateful to him for that. It was a time for us to remember not only those who have died in service, but those who are left and picking up the pieces. Thank you to everyone who could come and to all of our little community who thought of our guys on Remembrance weekend.


Last week, we were lucky enough to have Jo from the Samaritans with us for the day when a member of the public was intimidated by an unknown person outside our fence. I wanted to say a personal thank you to Jo for her calmness, kindness and diligence in dealing with an afternoon that was not easy. Also, thank you to our veterans for your patience and calmness and well done to veteran Alistair for acting on what you felt was right. Next time though, please do not try scaling the fence.


Speaking of the fence, it is being painted this Sunday by the wonderful C. Gull, Syke and Paco Graff. They’re all incredible artists and we’re really lucky they agreed to help us out. Please, check out their artwork on facebook and if you’re ever in need of street artists then think about them, they really are brilliant guys.


Another quick thank you to the wonderful Lydia, who has donated a number of stunning bonsai pots, various gardening bits and bobs and a lovely big box that was her father’s in Palestine. We are really very grateful.


So now, all that remains is to make myself a nice hot cuppa and knuckle down to some paperwork. Have a great day everyone.


Laters potaters.




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