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Hello Everybody!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog and I would try and come up with a good excuse for that, but I won’t because the only reason is that it’s been too sunny to sit inside unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

But for now, I’m being a good horticultural therapist and sitting in the office looking out at a beautiful blue sky and itching to go and poke about in a flowerbed, so I’ll make this quick.

Everything has been going brilliantly here – we have veg coming out of our ears (feel free to come and grab some) and a bunch of newbies who have recently joined. We’re struggling to keep our garden watered enough in the heat and it’s mostly thanks to our Water King (that’s you Tony) that everything is still alive. We are getting along really well with the build of our quiet area (thanks Dundee Rotary for funding it and thanks to our work party boys for building!) and the planting will require hostas. Lots of them. I mean…like, a very lot. If anyone has any spare hostas then please let us know.

In other news, THANK YOU to Lydia for our donation. It’s so good to know we have such lovely people looking out for us.

Anyway, the plan for today is harvesting massive amounts of veg and I’m hoping that the veterans will be hungry because we’ll be sending it home with them. In other news, some of our tadpoles have turned very froglike and can sometimes be seen sunbathing in our ponds/puddles. One of our veterans and a volunteer have been tasked with moving all the tadpoles into the deeper pond to avoid boiling them. This is going well and I keep hearing excited squeals of delight (that’s you two Izzie and Kev) as someone manages to catch more than one in their hand. It’s the simple things in life.

I’m away being a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding next week (YAAAAAY) so Michael will be holding the fort alone. Unfortunately, this means that no one will be watching out for Horatio the gnome who is being repeatedly gnomenapped and there have been threats to send him to Iceland. My money is on Jimmy as the perpetrator of this cruel and unnecessary criminal activity, so ideally if someone could watch over Horatio in my absence, I would be very grateful. If I can’t find Horatio when I get back Jimmy, your Mars Bars are gonna get it.

And on that note, it’s too sunny to sit indoors. I’m out – laters potaters! (And gnomenappers)

NB. Since writing this, Jimmy has not only hidden my gnome, but also my mug. This is now an all out war and I will have sweet, sweet revenge.

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